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Project Office

More than 300 projects in 15 years.

Is your project going to receive or is receiving financial support from a public institution and you think you need guidance on how to manage it? We can help you! RTDI has been working for almost 15 years in the construction and growth of more than 300 R&D&I projects…

Why include our project office in your team?

Because we gather all the information collected during development and transform it into added value for the project, managing the risk and uncertainty associated with innovation and its process, achieving project continuity throughout its extended duration.

How do we work in the Project Office?

We mainly accompany the people behind the projects, always with a close relationship, RTDI’s hallmark. We encourage their creativity, motivation and enthusiasm at all times, providing a multidisciplinary and open approach, supported by a global and unified vision.

Solving all your doubts, looking for the best answers among our experts, and consulting the public administration itself if necessary.

General overview of the structure and proposals of the Horizon Europe R&D&I programme.

What services do we offer?

  • We create the management plan for your project, guaranteeing the final success of the project. We organise a detailed roadmap with the different milestones to be worked on. We also develop internal procedures to create and maintain the administrative file of the project (how to record expenses, papers to be generated and kept, management of supplier offers, etc.).


  • We support the technical development of the project, advising on the technical implementation of the project with a view to its future evolution and exploitation of results. In addition, we support you in making decisions that affect cost management and require communication with the public institution funding the project. Finally, we support the preparation and control of project deliverables, monitoring and meeting all deadlines, organising the project and its participants for delivery.


  • We carry out technical and financial justifications, preparing periodic reports for the funding institution according to their requirements. We will prepare a detailed Excel financial control of the project at the general level and at the level of each cost and item, which is especially important for the correct calculation of personnel costs, the point where most problems are generated).


  • We monitor the project, keeping it active and adjusted to the needs of the call. We will control the requirements during the different phases, determining at all times where we are and where we should be according to the project plan. We help you to prepare modifications to the contract with the funding institution when necessary.


  • We can help you communicate the explanations to the public institution funding the project, along with the related negotiations. We can also do this with your project partners.

How do we resolve real cases at our Project Office?

Discover it with the following videos:

RTDI short training on R&I project management – A partner leaves my consortium