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RTDI was founded in 2008 with a conviction that has driven us to this day: science can become real solutions to global problems, creating a better world for everyone. Behind the innovations there are researchers, scientists, startups and teams of people that we support to give their ideas a plan for the future with growth and future projection.


The origins

RTDI, like any other company, was not founded overnight. Our foundations date back to 2004, when Eva García Muntión, founder of RTDI, decided to apply all her experience in research, technical management and consultancy to the development of technological innovations. Not her own, but those of others. Since 1998, she has been in contact with the Spanish and European R&D&I programmes.

This extensive knowledge lays the foundations, and after having led more than 350 projects and obtained more than 200 million euros in public funding for them, RTDI is today a team of around 10 professionals specialised in the integrated management of science, technology and innovation, and a wide network of experts who we incorporate according to the specific needs of each project, because we have made projects in the most diverse sectors, such as health, manufacturing and production, energy, biodiversity and culture, among others, a reality.

Why was RTDI created?

“Before becoming an entrepreneur, I had worked in large technology consultancies, technical systems for banks and, later on, in R&D&I funding. I wanted to provide a more in-depth and truly thoughtful service so that great ideas become more than just an idea thanks to having resources, strategy, alliances and knowledge of the sector. I wanted us to feel proud of the projects we work with, and them of us, and to think that we contribute our grains of sand (our pearls) to the search for a better world. I wanted to work on projects as the real end and aid as a means. That is why I founded RTDI. Since then we have helped our clients to launch and mature their projects, always starting from great ideas”.

Eva García Muntión, founder of RTDI

Innovation and training, RTDI's DNA

Our team is the first to apply our vision and values. On the one hand, we know that for our support to be effective, we need to be constantly updated and at the frontier of know-how in our profession. That is why the improvement of our processes, methodologies and work tools are areas of constant work, and our team is in permanent training, especially through internal processes of study and consolidation of experience.

On the other hand, we have a strong vocation to transfer this know-how beyond ourselves, through RTDI Innovation School, which we founded in 2014. We have set ourselves two main objectives with this initiative: for it to be training (teaching to know and to know how to do; beyond training, which focuses on teaching to “simply” know). And for it to be a high-performance school, using cutting-edge, highly efficient learning methods. In this way, gamification, open education and what we call work-based learning have become our own R&D&I areas.


In this context, we design, participate in and coordinate pedagogical research projects funded by institutions such as the EC (e.g. Discovery Learning).