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We are RTDI, and this is what we do:

To help researchers, startups and companies in any sector to continue growing, at RTDI we transform ideas into real solutions with future projection. Backed by the knowledge and experience of experts with more than 20 years in the sector, our team offers advanced consulting services, fundraising for R&D&I projects and special capacity building programmes, having raised more than 200 million euros for our clients’ projects and trained more than 2,000 people in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

RTDI supports our customers by efficiently transforming science into solutions with growth potential. We start from knowledge and “technological babies” and help them grow and become products designed for specific applications and specific social and sectorial groups, perfectly differentiated from their possible competitors. To this end, we offer “R&D&I project ideation” and “strategic intelligence monitoring” services.

We also offer project management and leadership support services. To achieve this, our company helps to attract the necessary resources, both financial and human, to get projects off the ground and make them grow. Without a critical mass, it will be impossible for real projects to develop. In this sense, we offer “services for attracting public funds to support R&D&I”, and our “RTDI Innovation School” division.

+200 million euros of financing obtained for our clients.

What do we do at RTDI?

We support scientific and/or technological developments with a strong socio-economic-environmental impact, and/or innovations with a strong scientific-technological differentiation. Drawing on the knowledge, talent and energy of our clients, we form a unique team that harnesses the creativity and resources available to materialise all kinds of ideas.

And what else is needed?

Any R&D&I project needs a lot of additional support to make it a reality. In order to go far, alliances are needed that add high value to projects and initiatives, which is why we offer “networking and communication services”.

These alliances are of vital importance, regardless of the life phase of the project: If the project is a “technological baby”, we look for interdisciplinary collaborations, because the most disruptive research, the ones that can really change the world, stand out with a coordinated heterogeneous team. In more mature projects, closer to launching new technologies to the market or to society, these alliances are vital because it is impossible to change a totally globalised world alone.

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