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It consists of specific and highly personalised services to define strategies for launching new technologies in new markets, avoiding the most common mistakes in scientific-technological entrepreneurship, accompanying decision-makers and helping them to really take advantage of opportunities.

If you are a researcher with an R&D&I result with potential for change, and you have doubts about how you could take it forward or help others to do so. If you are doing technological entrepreneurship for the first time. If you are a consolidated company in a sector thinking of diversifying. In any of these cases or similar situations, we believe we can help you.

Micro-consulting services are services limited in scope and duration, which are adapted to the particular needs of each client at any given time. We will start by detecting the need, we will make a personalised approach, and we will get down to work with the office and field work. All the results are delivered documented, and we will also explain them verbally to help in their implementation and resolve any possible doubts.

What can micro-consulting consist of?

Segmentación detallada del mercado.

It consists of exploring the potential market to detect where the real opportunities are, identifying what is known as Serviceable Available Market or SAM, so that your communication transmits effectively. We identify which purchasing groups differentiate themselves. This is not about natural groups such as SMEs or large companies, but about those groups that truly differentiate themselves in some facet of the business: why they buy, how they buy, etc.

Validation of opportunities.

To validate an opportunity, it is not enough to study the information we imagine to be true, the information we find on the web or other documentary sources, or our intuition. This is the first step, but then we have to get out of this bubble and talk to the people who can help us discover the real keys. It is essential to ask the right people and ask the right questions to get the information we really need, avoiding white lies or non-committal answers. We also need to choose the channel and the approach. In this complicated but essential process, RTDI is an ally that will help you to validate your idea correctly.

Prepare for negotiation.

Before the time comes to reach agreements with strategic partners, distributors, potential buyers, licensees, investors and so on, it is important to have your margins well defined, trying to understand the other party’s interests and defending your own. It is important to have certain messages well prepared and to understand the way they operate. At RTDI we prepare you from our extensive experience in negotiations.

The first steps towards the market.

When it comes to pricing your new solution, understand that it is not determined on the basis of your production costs. The guidelines for doing so are outside your organisation, not inside, and it is on this basis that the financial projections are made. In this phase you can also count on RTDI and our accompaniment towards market success.