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Ideation of R&D&I projects

It is strongly related to monitoring, proposal preparation and capacity building services, and we consider it vital for the success of a R&D&I project. It consists of building need-solution pairs that clearly explain why a project is needed and what its big idea and unique contribution is. The vast majority of projects suffer from weaknesses in this pair, which means that, for example, more than half of the start-ups that die before 5 years,

which are many, are due to a poor definition of the market need they are trying to cover (what is technically called the market fit), or that European companies lose 30,000 million euros a year working on innovations or inventions that already exist and are even patented. Or that in half of the proposals submitted to R&D&I funding calls it is difficult for evaluators to understand exactly what they are proposing to do.

Moreover, this pair is then used to build the whole story of a project (what is technically called the project’s storytelling), the work plan and its risks, the results to be achieved, and the identification of the profiles needed to carry it out. And this is adapted to each phase of the project’s life (when it is a “scientific-technological baby”, a child, or when it reaches the “young technology” phase).