Lessons from a Grander 2: Think it carefully, my dear

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Viernes, 22 Febrero 2019 20:33
If the previous post I mentioned strategic thinking, today I will talk about “structured thinking”, which means to define a (mental) framework for something unstructured. Structured thinking: Allows us taking better decisions (well-taken ones, not just “guesses”, which will give us more opportunities of taking a decision with greater cha...

Lessons from a Grander 3: You need to study harder

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Viernes, 08 Febrero 2019 10:39
This is a personal opinion, but the more projects I work into, the more I think that one fudamental skill missing for successful technology-based innovation is “strategic thinking”. This, still in my personal experience, is related to a lack of analytical and structured thinking and, as baseline for this, the fact that most of the times we should s...
El proyecto Cross4Health es un proyecto financiado por la Comisión Europea en el maco del Programa Marco Europeo de I+D+i, que tiene como objetivo la creación de sinergias entre los sectores Aeroespacial, Energía e Industrias Creativas con el desarrollo de nueva Biotecnología, Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones y dispositivos para e...

What is this blog about

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Viernes, 01 Febrero 2019 17:27
For 20 years I have been working in technology consultancy, the last 15 focused in the design, launch, implementation and exploitation of R&I projects. I have helped more than 300 companies and institutions to define, improve and grow their projects, strengthening the needs they aim at covering and the suggested technological solutions, increas...

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