Lessons from a Grander 2: Think it carefully, my dear

Viernes, 22 Febrero 2019 20:33

If the previous post I mentioned strategic thinking, today I will talk about “structured thinking”, which means to define a (mental) framework for something unstructured. Structured thinking:

  • Allows us taking better decisions (well-taken ones, not just “guesses”, which will give us more opportunities of taking a decision with greater chances of success);
  • Accelerates learning, by becoming able to build more and deeper relationships;
  • Highlights gaps and opportunities, and leverages discovery;
  • Makes us more productive: We will get more and higher results in less time.

The good news are that there are tools that can easily help us structuring thinking. The challenge comes from creating habits and knowhow in using them. Let’s see some examples and advices.


 We can structure thinking at different levels and for different purposes:


It will help understanding it, analysing it, and assuring we cover all aspects related to it.

The following is an example on how to do this and the potential it can bring us: 


It can help us, in example, comparing alternative solutions in order to choose one or a combination of several, and get ready for potential consequences. 

Building scenarios can be very helpful for this purpose! Here are 2 examples:



So that we make more with less, advancing towards results (some results will come for sure… it will be better if you think first which ones would you like to have). The following example shows how we structure technology watch processed when starting to work into a new R&I project in an area we are not experts at:   


Author: Eva García Muntión

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