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Viernes, 01 Febrero 2019 17:27

For 20 years I have been working in technology consultancy, the last 15 focused in the design, launch, implementation and exploitation of R&I projects. I have helped more than 300 companies and institutions to define, improve and grow their projects, strengthening the needs they aim at covering and the suggested technological solutions, increasing their innovation potential and competitiveness, and supporting the usage of results either for feeding new R&D efficiently, or with commercial and entrepreneurial purposes.

Along this way, I have learnt many things and studied so much, and I will keep on doing both. Today, I want to write about one of the very general conclusions I have gained: Words are vital, and those who work in advanced, high added-value consultancy need a new word that really describes what we offer and differentiates us from other types of consultancy and support stakeholders.

I have thought about this so many times, and I think I finally found the word I was looking for: GRANDING.

Granding comes from grandparent, and also a little from “grande”, which is the vocation of those working into this: Help project grow big.

Why Granding?

Let’s think for a moment about what we are trying to contribute with:

- On one hand, we offer advice based on experience and knowledge complementary to our clients’. Sometimes in the form of questions, other as answers. Normally very kindly and assertive; never imposing, although firmly if needed and without mincing words;

- We also teach people behind the projects around that experience and knowledge, directly as well as indirectly during the hand-in-hand work.

- On the other hand, we think on how to help the projects we are working into day and night, in each thing we do, hear or see. And we get involved in them as if they were ours, becoming an active part on the day-to-day they require.

- We help planning decisions, and keep continuous monitoring of activities and results. We will be ready to test and fail and keep our support, strongly wishing that it will become successful.

- We keep a long-term vision over the projects, so that not only they create a yesterday, a today and a tomorrow, but also a “when I grow up…”.

- We do networking seeking for alliances that can help consolidating and advancing the projects, amongst our current contacts or creating new ones.

For these projects, we are somehow similar to what grandparents do in personal life, at least the way I lived them. This is Granding; and in this blog I am writing about concepts, strategies, goals, methodologies, tools… Granding uses, and any other thing I can think of in relation to the points listed above.


Author: Eva García Muntión

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