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Surveillance for strategic intelligence

On the basis of our Technology Surveilance procedures, refined through our work on more than 300 projects and in collaboration with strategic alliances, and taking advantage of internal digital tools developed specifically with the aim of strengthening the strategic differentiation of R&D&I projects, we are launching a new service to support technological development and the consolidation of new business models for SMEs and start-ups.

We do so as a Digital Agent of the Digital Kit Programme, a Spanish and European digitisation project for SMEs co-financed by the Next Generation (EU) funds of the Recovery and Resilience mechanism.

The aim of the programme is to subsidise the implementation of digital solutions that will gradually bring your company to digital maturity.

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RTDI is about to celebrate its 15th anniversary! In these years we have managed to accumulate a lot of experience in the construction and growth of R&D&I projects, and we have developed valuable tools of our own that help these projects to become great opportunities. In order for them to truly become medium and long-term opportunities, it is essential that the specific differentiation that each of these projects brings to society and the markets, and how to turn it into strategic advantages for companies, has been properly thought through.

This is not something that is achieved quickly and intuitively; it must involve a study of data and information and a process of reflection, knowledge generation and decision making. This is important because more than 70% of SMEs or start-ups that launch new technology-based products or services into the market do not manage to exceed 8 years of life, and most of them recognise afterwards that they did not have what is known as a good “market fit” (global statistics). This is what we want to support with this new service.

RTDI participated in the EC funded foresight project on emerging and future technologies PREFET. Discover the results of the project!

With this service we want to contribute to companies:

1- Data and structured information about the company and its technology, which we collect during the first step in the provision of the service, after signing a confidentiality agreement.


2- Comparison of this data with other databases relating to the state of the art in this technology, which is prepared using web platforms, digital tools and proprietary methodologies. This requires an integration of heterogeneous data on patents, publications, projects and competitor analysis.


3- Finally, a panel of structured and visual data is created, what we call an Innovation scoreboard. This scoreboard shows the competitive position of the company’s technology at an international level.

The panel data is downloaded for the client, who also receives a final report. This report can take various forms, selected at the outset by the client (project ideation report, competitive advantage identification report, or Freedom to Operate technical analysis).

The price of this service is 4,000 Euros + VAT, and the time of provision is 2 weeks from the initial data collection + 1 week of final review with the client.