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    The experience of RTDI's personnel gained in proposal development, project management and results exploitation in EU projects is the base of this course. Scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, enterprises, universities, non-governmental organizations and other individuals can obtain the necessary skills to cope with the administrative and reporting requirements of EU-funded projects, fron the Kick-off meeting to project's end. At RTDI, we:

    • Explain the way to set-up your project and prepare a coherent and winning proposal in the EU framework
    • Explain how to organise your project to ensure an effective collaboration and fulfil contractual obligations towards the EC

    Explain how to manage a collaborative project and to select tools and methods that will facilitate your task.

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    The EU funding system is complex and the competition to get a project financed by the EU is tough. Specific knowledge, well-established networks and certain skills are needed to successfully get involved in these competitive projects.

    This course is addressed to understanding the new Horizon 2020 EU Programme, in which the development of a coherent participation strategy, together with the creation of international alliances and the participation in technology and scientific platforms are now critical in order to maximize the chances of winning and being part of H2020 funded projects. In this course we explain how to set-up, develop and achieve succesful participation in it.

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    The preparation of successful project proposals is complex and demanding. It requires specific skills and guidance, together with the necessary understanding of the  concepts and contents of any R&D project proposal.

    This course is addressed to training participants in the preparation of proffessional and succesful RDI proposals, including:

    • The design of R&D project ideas.
    • Training on the necessary skills for the preparation of key critical contents.
    • How to identify and take advantage of all the opportunities brought by the new EU Programme: Horizon 2020.
    • Basic concepts to properly manage the project's results and the assignment of property rights.
    • Tools for the design of R&D exploitation plans, used during the proposal preparation phase.


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