Proposal Building

We provide expert advice and help so you can obtain financial support for your R&D and Innovation projects from a broad range of public programmes and private sources.


Specifically, RTDI offers integral services for applying for public financial support to research, development and innovation. RTDI has acquired deep knowledge of the different financing mechanisms that support research, development and technological innovation at the European level: their operation, objectives, particularities, sources of relevant information, etc.

These services include:

  • Feasibility study of project ideas towards getting public financial support for their realisation. The result is a pre-analysis of the State of the Art and an assessment of which programme(s) could offer greater opportunities and how these could be better tackled. We design integral strategies for the participation in calls for public support to R&D at European level, so that the chances of getting financed are maximised.
  • Support in building integral project ideas, considering all key elements and assuring they are properly interconnected (the market or need, the solution, the technological barriers to make it true, etc.), and taking into account the requirements related to the strategy defined for applying for public financial support to carry them out.
  • Preparation of the full technical and financial documents to be submitted to the selected Calls for projects (usually called the Proposals). We can also prepare specific parts of these proposals (e.g. those proving the advance beyond the State of the Art, or texts related to the management of property rights and future exploitation of R&D results).
  • Coaching services to internal working teams preparing these proposals, as well as advanced edition of proposals already prepared before submission.
  • Search for trusted and world-leading international partners to be part of the project when carried out by a consortium. Building the optimal partnership and contractual framework, as well as developing appropriate management structures.

For us,  preparing a high quality proposal means not just trying to obtain funds to support an idea, but a proposal that defines a project which will be successful in the long term for society and the markets, too.


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