Exploitation of R&D Results

RTDI supports the exploitation and use of results from R&D projects, mainly those carried out in cooperation at European level, involving different agents and interests. We, at the Innovation Office, can provide your project the following:

  • Identification of all assets coming from the project, meaning any result from the project which can be exploited as a stand-alone "product". We consider exploitation in the widest scope, including commercialization, but also use for further work, etc.
  • Design of procedures and strategies for the management of ownership and access Rights.
  • Support in the definition of IPR protection plans (Intellectual Property Rights).
  • Design and implementation of Technology and Market Watch Systems for gathering and analyzing information important for decision-making towards exploitation of results: Defining information needs and strategies around them; Identifying information sources; Designing / suggesting useful tools and procedures; Training programmes to relevant personnel.
  • Support in the definition of business models and market strategies, at the level of assets and for the projects as a whole: Brainstorming; Assistance; Training; Tools and processes.
  • Preparation of full Exploitation & Dissemination Plans for the projects.
  • Promoting key commercial agreements among project partners and stakeholders for the successful exploitation of results.

Our wish is to support projects from the proposal stage to the end of the project life cycle, to work with you in making your projects more competitive. Once a project is finished, we can also work with you to take the next step from R&D to Innovation, helping you to deliver the results of your project to the markets and Society for wide use.


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