• Technological innovation is now an increasingly and unstoppable current, but how can you navigate it?
    RTDI can help you: our commitment to this philosophy is constant and core part of they way we understand progress.
    The goal: mutual success.

  • Smart Cities are one of the most exciting challenges societies face today, and technology is in its core.
    We build, promote and support R&D and Innovation initiatives in this area focussing in the people.

  • Technology
    offers great opportunities for creating a future for traditional manufacturing sectors and Industry in general, and R&D is the path to make them true. We help both high-tech and technology-demanding SMEs in going over this path.

  • Societies today need to face the challenge of energy for people and enterprises tomorrow. New technologies are needed for changing energy supply, transport and use. We work with different stakeholders in carrying our R&D in this area, as well as in increasing market readiness.

    Internet-based and location-based services
    and related technologies, and Artificial Intelligence are key areas of Internet as one of the main world's drivers. We carry out our own R&D in these areas, also supporting others in their efforts of making lifes and businesses better.

Sectoral Focus - SMART CITIES

Where technology meets people

A smart city infuses information into its physical infrastructure to improve conveniences, facilitate mobility, conserve energy, improve the quality of life, identify problems and fix them quickly, collect data to make better decisions and deploy resources effectively, and share data to enable collaboration.

But infusing intelligence into each subsystem of a city, one by one - transport, energy, education, health care, buildings, water, safety, etc.- is not enough. A smart city for smart people should be viewed as an organic whole where attention is paid to the connections and not just to the parts and, above all, the Citizens. In our opinion, technology must be developed understanding that the most important connectors across multiple subsystems are the people, who turn the city from a mechanistic bundle of infrastructure elements into a set of vibrant human communities.

R&D and innovation in order to develop “a smart city for smart people” strengthens human bonds and services – communication, relationships, health, education, economic opportunity, timely assistance for those in need, disaster preparedness and relief, quality of neighborhoods, quality of life (sports, arts, entertainment), and the ability to create and maintain jobs. “In a smarter community, technology is used to enhance the human infrastructure just as it can enhance the physical one” (Informed and Interconnected: A Manifesto for Smart Cities, http://www.hbs.edu/faculty/Publication%20Files/09-141.pdf ) 

We build, promote and support R&D and Innovation initiatives for the realization of this view:

  • Helping building R&D project ideas and concept notes and validating them against the State of the Art
  • Searching for financial public support to make the ideas come true, particularly within Horizon 2020 (European Programme for R&D and Innovation, 2014-2020) (More information HERE)
  • Searching for strategic partners and leveraging alliances
  • Helping taking new solutions to the markets: Defining business models and market-entrance strategies, and searching for financial support, either public or private, for filling the gap from R&D to Innovation.
  • Carrying out our own R&D, through our research division ITRB Labs, specialized in applying Artificial Intelligence to the development of the leitmotiv we have defined with our partners in this area: “Smart city for smart people”.


One of our favourite examples

RTDI is one of the partners developing a new concept for technology-enhanced citizen interaction, together with Ethemba Solutions and Grupo Braud



The Novocity project has been co-financed by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation 2008-2011. Project Code: TSI-020606-2012-23

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