• Technological innovation is now an increasingly and unstoppable current, but how can you navigate it?
    RTDI can help you: our commitment to this philosophy is constant and core part of they way we understand progress.
    The goal: mutual success.

  • Smart Cities are one of the most exciting challenges societies face today, and technology is in its core.
    We build, promote and support R&D and Innovation initiatives in this area focussing in the people.

  • Technology
    offers great opportunities for creating a future for traditional manufacturing sectors and Industry in general, and R&D is the path to make them true. We help both high-tech and technology-demanding SMEs in going over this path.

  • Societies today need to face the challenge of energy for people and enterprises tomorrow. New technologies are needed for changing energy supply, transport and use. We work with different stakeholders in carrying our R&D in this area, as well as in increasing market readiness.

    Internet-based and location-based services
    and related technologies, and Artificial Intelligence are key areas of Internet as one of the main world's drivers. We carry out our own R&D in these areas, also supporting others in their efforts of making lifes and businesses better.

Sectoral Focus - INDUSTRY

Shifting paradigms

The European manufacturing system is characterised by a strong presence of small and medium-size firms which typically belong to sectors usually classified as ‘traditional’ (such as textile, leather and footwear, wood). It has been demonstrated how these sectors experience a competitive advantage based on knowledge spillovers and innovation, and this impact seems to be higher for them than for other sectors. The overall effect of the differentials in labour cost and labour productivity on the ratio of gross profits over value added points out a higher profitability of innovative firms in traditional sectors. In fact, the innovative firms in the traditional sectors seem to have a higher gross operating profit ratio than non-innovative.

Our aim is to help identifying the best opportunities for innovation based on R&D initiatives for particular SMEs belonging to traditional manufacturing sectors, helping them building integral project ideas and finding public financial support at European level to make them a reality. We also support them in finding proper cooperators for carrying out the projects and in managing and exploiting their Intellectual Property Rights.

We also focus in high-tech SMEs from specialized manufacturing sectors, mainly from the Chemical Industry (such as nanotechnologies).

Developing marketing capabilities in response to competition under volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of high-tech markets is the constant urge for these firms nowadays, and accelerating intra – firm change is vital for their survival. Our aim is to help them facing this enormous challenge, and make the most from public financial support and strategic alliances at European level.


One of our favourite examples


Molecor is a pioneer company specialized in the development of the latest technology applying molecular orientation to pipeline solutions with astonishing mechanical properties. Founded in 2006 by highly skilled engineers in this field, with a proven experience in the plastic pipe division, this revolutionary developed process provides reliable and user friendly systems that widen the pipe global business possibilities.

Molecor offers the technology for PVC O pipe manufacturing adapted to any specific need, technical requirement and market standard. For that purpose, Molecor builds long term relationships with its clients to back up every phase of the project, before, during and after the industrial technology implementation.

Molecor technology

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