• Technological innovation is now an increasingly and unstoppable current, but how can you navigate it?
    RTDI can help you: our commitment to this philosophy is constant and core part of they way we understand progress.
    The goal: mutual success.

  • Smart Cities are one of the most exciting challenges societies face today, and technology is in its core.
    We build, promote and support R&D and Innovation initiatives in this area focussing in the people.

  • Technology
    offers great opportunities for creating a future for traditional manufacturing sectors and Industry in general, and R&D is the path to make them true. We help both high-tech and technology-demanding SMEs in going over this path.

  • Societies today need to face the challenge of energy for people and enterprises tomorrow. New technologies are needed for changing energy supply, transport and use. We work with different stakeholders in carrying our R&D in this area, as well as in increasing market readiness.

    Internet-based and location-based services
    and related technologies, and Artificial Intelligence are key areas of Internet as one of the main world's drivers. We carry out our own R&D in these areas, also supporting others in their efforts of making lifes and businesses better.

Sectoral Focus - ENERGY

Enabling the future

The European Union - just like the rest of the world - is faced with major challenges as regards energy and the environment: these include ever-increasing global demand for energy, volatile prices, rising emissions of the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change, and unstable oil and gas supplies, with reserves concentrated in just a few countries. Urgent efforts are required for the development of innovative Energy Technologies and making them a market choice. This is the core idea behind the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

This plan aims to help facing up to the challenges of this sector:

  • In the short term by increasing research to reduce costs and improve performance of existing technologies, and by encouraging the commercial implementation of these technologies. Activities at this level should in particular involve second-generation biofuels, capture, transport and storage of carbon, integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity network and energy efficiency in construction, transport and industry;
  • In the longer term by supporting development of a new generation of low carbon technologies. The activities to be carried out should focus, among other things, on the competitiveness of new technologies relating to renewable energies, energy storage, sustainability of fission energy, fusion energy, and the development of Trans-European Energy networks.

In line with this European strategic plan, we are very active in the areas of renewable energies and distributed generation, and new systems for renewable-based heating & cooling, in which SMEs are to play a major role:

  • Helping building R&D and Innovation project ideas
  • Searching for financial public support to make the ideas come true, particularly within Horizon 2020 (European Programme for R&D and Innovation, 2014-2020) (More information HERE)
  • Searching for strategic partners and leveraging alliances
  • Helping taking new solutions to the markets: filling the gap from R&D to innovation (industrialization processes) and helping clients manage and exploit their Intellectual Property.


One of our favourite examples



Profile: CEO in MASTERGAS S.L., a Spanish SME in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency and one of the main promoters of the WINDUR project.

WINDUR is an EU funded R&D project with a consortium of 6 SMEs, 2 universities and 1 technology center from different EU countries. It will start in November 2013. The project, ideated by RTDI, combines the technical capabilities and knowledge of all its partners to develop a new small-wind generator for urban environments. In total, the project accounts for more than 1 million euros funding from the European Commission, as part of the FP7 Programme “Research for the Benefit of SMEs”.


Q: What does WINDUR mean for you?

A: WINDUR is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my professional life, by far.

Q: What new opportunities does it bring to you?

A: It brings new business opportunities

Q: How has RTDI helped you achieve this project?

A: With a very personalized service, since the very beginning, listening to and understanding our initial proposals, and then given then the proper form and size to finally make it.

Q: What do you value the most in the work done by RTDI?

A: Their knowledge and expertise in this field, their  teamwork capabilities and, in especial, the fluent communication and the close they work with you.

Q: What are your plans for the future, now?

A: We are going to open a new business line at international and national level to exploit our product, developed by our  EU partners, and we will continue also with the development of new projects and initiatives beneficial for the environment of our planet.  

Q: What would you tell to other SMEs? 

A: I think the most important is to join forces with other complementary companies and organizations to carry out your projects, and with the help of RTDI make them real.

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