The Idea Canvas is a visual chart created by RTDI for building and validating new project ideas. It allows comparing and assessing easily the coherence amongst all elements of an idea for an R&D or Innovation Project, particularly between the need for the project and the solution proposed:

Idea Canvas Snapshot

The Idea Canvas is composed by 5 information boxes that need to be completed in the following way:

  1. The need: There must be a reason why the R&D or Innovation proposed is needed and why it should be financed. First, summarize in one sentence the overall problem and identify who has got it. Then, justify it by using a PESTLE analysis (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legislation) to understand the reasons and motivations.
  2. The solution: Describe the top‐level solution that you have devised to satisfy the need. Summarise in one paragraph the overall solution and check its adequacy to the need. Make sure it comproses the main focus for R&D or Innovation activities during your project.
  3. The product: Now describe the solution proposed in terms of an end‐product, using a FAB structure (Features, Advantages and Benefits).
  4. Scientific & Technological Barriers: There must be some aspects of your solution that require research and development. These might be due to performance, cost, understanding of new principles, size or other factors. It must contain a brief analysis of current solutions and limitations (State of the Art, SOA) in relation to the need and proposed product functionalities. Briefly outline why currently available solutions cannot satisfy the need outlined before and what developments will be needed in order to overcome them.
  5. Title: Finally, taking into consideration the whole picture, especially the need and solution proposed, provide a title to your project idea.

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