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  • Insights: the origins and motivations behind the new programme, its objectives and main actors. 

  • Focus, structure and instruments: Analysis and detailed explanation of the new approach taken by HE, its structure into pillars and the different sub-programs within them. Presentation and explanation of project types, instruments and funding allocated for each.

  • Initiatives: Presentation and explanation of the initiatives that have gained weight in the management of calls and prioritization of topics to be funded in certain areas within HE (partnerships and ecosystems). Special attention is paid to their origin, objectives and role in HE.

  • Explanatory charts and graphs: that facilitate a better understanding of the information, serving as the base for further and future analysis.

  • Quick reference: sections easily identifiable by color on the edge of pages.

  • Resources and information sources: classified by technological areas and societal challenges, critical for setting the basis of 'the need' and 'expected impact' sections in successful project proposals in HE.



From 2021 onwards the landscape of European programs that support R&D and Innovation cevolves: Horizon 2020 ends, which have covered the period 2014-2020. With its finalization, the new Horizon Europe starts, addressing within the same programme both research, development and technological innovation, covering the period 2021-2027.

Horizon Europe is big and ambitious. Its total budget exceeds 90,000 million Euros, which represents a great opportunity to create future through technological development and innovation. But, on the other hand, it is also a complex program, and it is important to understand its new rules and focus areas in order to succeed.

Horizon Europe brings some novelties from its predecessor, especially in the key aspects that determine the successful participation in it or, in other words, the aspect that enhance the probability of getting your project selected and funded.

This guide aims to help you understand those changes and rules, and to identify thematic priorities relevant to your organization and to developing your participation strategy in HE.

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Complete Guide to HORIZON EUROPE: The New European R&D and Innovation Framework Programme

All you need to know and understand to participate in HE

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