Innovating Innovation

We live today immersed in a constant and growing flow of news, initiatives , ideas and services related to innovation and new technologies. Although, in some way , innovation has been the constant engine in the development of our civilizations, and the current concept of technology dates back to the 19th Century, it is today when its  rapid evolution together with its popularization and permeability in all aspects of our lives are causing radical changes in the way we live, think, work and innovate.

It is already impossible to try to remain still without being hit by this current ... But how can you take advantage of it? How do you navigate it? That is the great challenge of all of us, businesses, researchers , citizens , authorities, clients and service providers.

The answer to this is ‘Innovating Innovation’.

This is the way we understand innovation in RTDI, and we have made it part of our philosophy and corporate culture, transmitted from the Head of the Company to our consultants and our clients. The result of applying the ‘Innovating Innovation” philosophy is the creation of an innovation culture that allows us improving and evolving continuously our working tools and methodologies, in the daily search, study, learning and in both the personal and corporate growth.

'Innovating Innovation' is:

  • Always being aware, ready to learn constantly, adapt and apply our creativity and skills to give the best of us to our customers and partners, aimed at providing them with high quality services , really adapted to their needs and desires.
  • As part of this internal process, help our customers re-invent themselves, transforming design and innovation costs into profitable investments and sustainable results.

Therefore, ‘Innovating Innovation’ could also be called ‘Innovation our Innovation’, trying to change the traditional RDI Consultancy model by bringing and improving it from the deepest understanding of this models and its more technical aspects, relevant for our clients success.

Our desire is to have the opportunity to do it with you.

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