H2020 puzzle’s pieces: Industry 4.0

Viernes, 29 Junio 2018 09:54

Moving forward the H2020 puzzle, today I will put the focus on industry; not the “classical” industry concept that we all bear in our minds, but the so-called Industry 4.0 In Europe, the 64% of the private R&D investment is dedicated to manufacture, meaning that the 9% of the companies are dedicated to this sector. The importance of manufacture in Europe is also measured in terms of jobs, counting on more than 32 million of direct jobs, and in terms of revenue, reaching € 7,110 trillion.

Nevertheless, the challenges in this sector are still important:

  • To turn R&D into innovation and real market opportunities.
  • Job creation.
  • To renew and expand its global leadership.
  • To generate real revenues for Europe.

To overcome these challenges, Europe has to set the foundations for the Industry 4.0, building an innovative ecosystem for the design, development, testing and scaling of advanced materials and nanotechnologies that will overcome both technological and regulatory barriers (safety) to facilitate the market penetration of disruptive ideas.

To this end, the construction of open test benches for both development and scaling, as well as computational characterization and modelling (one of the areas of application of high performance computing) of materials (from TRL 4 to TRL7) will be funded. This action will complement the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) that will be explain in a future post of H2020 puzzle’s pieces.

Regarding all this information and after a deep study and analysis of all the H2020 Work Programs, in RTDI we have identified two main Hot Topics that will have much prominence in the next 3 years.

Industry 4.0Industrial Leadership

Europe is aware that the transformation of European industry, especially manufacturing through digitalisation and new forms of machine-man interaction are the keys to achieve industrial leadership at a global level and for re-industrialization. Special mention is made to the development of potentially disruptive biotechnologies and medical technologies for diagnosis and treatment.

Automatic vehicle

In this Work Program Europe will finance large-scale demonstrations to test the performance and safety for passengers and other road users, the efficiency of freight transport, the new role of the driver and shared mobility services in urban areas. The objective is to commercialize these vehicles, creating new global market opportunities for the European industry and strengthening Europe's position as a world leader in innovative mobility. It is expected that these actions will contribute to increase road safety and reduce by 2020 the number of deaths and injuries due to traffic accidents, improve traffic and reduce congestion, reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency of transportation systems.

Industry 4.0 puzzle piece in numbers

These Hot Topics will be funded mainly in the pillar of Industrial Leadership in the Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology, and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (NMBP) Program and in Societal Challenge 4 Transport. EU will allocate 1000 million euros for this whole puzzle piece of which around 50% will be dedicated to industrial leadership in a broad sense.

An estimation of 64 projects will be funded related to these hot topics, highlighting the funding of 28 test beds via Innovation Actions (IAs). The projects concerning automatic vehicles will be funded in a 100% through Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs). Regarding industrial leadership, all the topics will be developed through IAs, meaning the 60% of all the projects that will be funded in this puzzle piece.

This is one of the main topics with a highest budget allocated for this final period of H2020. Are you sure that you want to miss the opportunity?



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