H2020 puzzle’s pieces: under the ICT umbrella

Viernes, 20 Julio 2018 07:50

Today I close this cycle of posts about the last programming period of H2020 completing the puzzle with one of the more important and transversal areas of the program: Information and Communication Technologies, the so-called ICT.

ICTAs highlighted in the Digital Single Market Strategy, the combination of digital technologies (big data, Internet of things, 5G, high performance computing (HPC), etc.) with other advanced technologies and service innovations offers enormous opportunities to increase competitiveness and industrial development, growth and employment, being a powerful tool to address societal challenges. In particular, the exploitation of the huge amount of data that is generated daily through the leading infrastructure in Europe based on HPC and Big Data will be paramount in this programming period.

Digitization also alters the performance of research (open science, open data, skill needs, user participation, etc.). Therefore, the integration of "digital" in all its forms, particularly digital technologies, the use and management of big data and physical-digital integration have increased substantially throughout Horizon 2020, including all social challenges, such as health, safety or transport, where ICTs are present at the core of the calls.

The digitization and transformation of European industry and services will be provided through innovation centres, integrated cross-sectorial digital platforms (Digital Innovation Hubs), and large-scale pilot projects for experimentation and co-creation with users. They intend to accelerate this digitization process through the development of specific skills in all the stakeholders that need it.


ICT puzzle piece in numbers

Under the ICT umbrella, RTDI’s team has identified the following Hot Topics:

  • European industry digitization
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data
  • More safe and fluid transportation
  • Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH)

We will find these Hot Topics transversely in a great variety of calls such as Societal Challenges of Health, Bioeconomy, Transport, Climate Action, Inclusive Societies, Key Enable Technology of ICT, Future and Emerging Technologies or Research Infrastructures.

EU will allocate 894 million euros for this whole puzzle piece of which around 57% will be dedicated to Big Data.

An estimation of 110 projects will be funded related to these hot topics, highlighting the funding of Coordination and Support Action in a 18%, instrument that it has been less common in previous puzzle pieces, but that becomes more important in ICT due to the collaborative nature of these disciplines.

This is one of the more spread hot topics under the H2020 program, I am sure you can make room for yourself and take this opportunity.



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