H2020 puzzle’s pieces: Future Health

Viernes, 27 Abril 2018 09:09

In March I explained to you the challenges regarding social resilience and security. H2020’s puzzle has another important pieces like the one that is our topic today: health of the future.

Future Health

It is no secret that Europe is aging. One third of Europeans will exceed 65 in 2060. Therefore, reaching this age in the best possible conditions and with the greatest guarantees began to be a focus in the early stages of H2020 and continues to gain more importance.


Live longer, live healthier


This was the title of one of my previous posts in which I introduced the situation “behind the scenes” regarding the future challenges of R&I health sector. As I pointed out there, health is a fundamental aspect of quality of life, not only because being free from illness or injury directly affects our capacity to enjoy life, but also because health indirectly affects our capacity to produce and consume other valuable goods and services.

As it has been the general line of health issues in H2020, Hot Topics identified in this area and that will receive more funding for this 3-years period (2018-2020) are in line to offer customized solutions to live longer and better and to empower the patient to "self-manage" his/her health. We must understand health from a holistic perspective: it is no longer about financing projects for the study of specific diseases, as was the case in FP7. But rather consider all those factors that can interfere in the disease process: nutrition, exercise, food safety, healthy lifestyle habits, and new technologies both from the point of view of the patients and on the part of health managers or health professionals. 


Future health puzzle piece in numbers

After a deep research carried out by the RTDI Proposals Unit, based in thematic importance and budget allocation in different Work Programmes, we have identified the following Hot Topics under this puzzle piece:

- Personalized medicine

- Active and Healthy Ageing

- Patient’s Empowerment

- Open and interoperable platforms

- Health robotics

- Artificial Intelligence applied to preventive medicine


These Hot Topics will be funded mainly in Societal Challenge 1 Health, in the themes of Food Safety in Societal Challenge 2 and ITC. They will allocate 830 million euros for this whole puzzle piece of which 84% will be carried by e-health projects in a broad sense.

Of the more than 100 projects that the EU will fund related to these hot topics, there is a balance between the actions of the initial links of the value chain, with 49% of Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs), and of those that, even starting from a technological R&I, end up close to the market, reflected in the 48% that jointly represents the Innovation Actions (IAs) and the Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPIs), a scheme that becomes important in the health challenge.

This is one of the main topics with a highest budget allocated for this final period of H2020. Are you sure that you want to miss the opportunity?



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