H2020 puzzle’s pieces: Social resilience and security

Viernes, 06 Abril 2018 07:19

Today I start with a series of posts in which I will explain what I have called "puzzle pieces" that make up the H2020 puzzle for this last programming period 2018-2020.

Social resilience and security

Europe faces multiple and seemingly sudden changes on very varied fronts, such as migratory pressures, cybercrime, security threats and hybrid threats. Such events require, more than ever, that the EU respond in a coordinated manner.

What is the EU looking for through H2020 to guarantee this coordinated response?

The main focus will be on research on security threats, especially on the links between terrorism and other forms of organized crime and on the forces that lead to radicalization. We need better tools, whether technical or organizational, to react to natural and man-made disasters, which can reduce loss of lives and material damage.

Regarding cybersecurity, the European Commission will make efforts in the analysis of the vulnerabilities of the security infrastructures of digital networks, data protection, so that all the economic and social potential of digital technologies can be exploited safely.

The challenge of migration

Migration and, more generally, the mobility of highly qualified people (including researchers) offers great opportunities to face the raising challenges of the EU (lack of skills, demographic change, etc.). At the same time, migration flows must be managed, as highlighted in the European Migration Agenda. Research in this topic should help improve our ability to prevent and address the challenges of migration (legal and irregular) and develop effective policies to integrate migrants into our society and economy.

Partnerships are sought between the activities related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the causes of migration, including, for example, activities related to poverty alleviation, food security, sustainable agriculture, improved nutrition and decent work quality.

Social resilience and security puzzle piece in numbers

After a deep research carried out by the RTDI Proposals Unit, based in thematic importance and budget allocation in different Work Programmes, we have identified the following Hot Topics under this puzzle piece:

- Migration

- Social Inclusion

- (Cyber) Security

- Data privacy

This challenge of migration and security will be addressed through different parts of the work programme, mainly within the following Societal Challenges of H2020: Health, Smart Cities, Inclusive Societies and Security. It is estimated that for these four Hot Topics will be allocated about 400 million euros, of which 50% will go to the part of security and data privacy. These two combined factors result in an estimate of 72 projects financed for the entire period 2018-2020, focusing mainly on the technological R&D part of the value chain, with 50% of the projects funded under Research and Innovation Actions.

It is not a negligible financing, so if you work in these areas, do not hesitate and dare to change the future.


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