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Viernes, 16 Marzo 2018 09:12

Dear readers,

My name is Irene Baena. I’m a biologist, currently working as a R&I consultant at RTDI. I have always feel very concerned about how human beings interact with nature. As a specie, we have escaped from nature regulation and altered the “normal” evolution pace of other species. Our resource consumption and population growth is going so fast it will be practically impossible to maintain this scheme without suffering devastating consequences.


In order to keep the planet as we know it, we need a complete mentality change affecting our behaviour as consumers and producers and our traditional idea of growth. This is also about long-term thinking and being caring with next generation’s wellbeing.

Concepts such as circular economy, sustainability, or bioeconomy are already wide spread and heard in the media, although they sometimes might sound unattainable or confusing. How are they translated into real life? How can the different stakeholders contribute to these challenging objectives? This will be the main goal of this blog. I intend to communicate concrete breakthrough ideas and ongoing projects showing that other lifestyles and consumption/production patterns are possible without compromising the economic growth, in order to inform and engage those interested in joining this exciting challenge.

For those interested in developing projects in this area, this blog will also communicate financial opportunities, political initiatives and relevant events at the European level.

See you soon!



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