Health and quality of life: Hot topics for the H2020 period 2018-2020

Viernes, 29 Diciembre 2017 08:59


Within the current economic and societal European context, health research is crucial to ensure the continuing health and well-being of all European citizens[1].

The Horizon 2020 Advisory Group for Societal Challenge 1, "Health, Demographic Change and Well-being" has raised the following research priorities regarding health as a whole:

1. Personalized medicine
2. Rare diseases
3. Research and innovation for infectious diseases
4. Non-communicable diseases
5. Pediatrics
6. Public health and prevention including migration
7. Active and healthy ageing

8. Big data
9. eHealth, mHealth, ICT
10. Integration of care
11. Environment and health, green solutions and sustainability including climate change

12. Social Sciences and Humanities, integration, inequalities, migration and ethics
13. Sex and gender differences in medicine
14. Commercialization within “Health, Demographic Change and Well-being”
15. Encouraging stronger and successful involvement of EU-13

Going deeper into these issues, we can see that one of the priorities for the European Commission is to improve the quality of life of its citizens. And this concern to provide solutions in this regard is reflected in the fact that a large majority of the expected impacts of the projects that will be financed for 2018-2020 are focused on these two areas: Ageing Well and Personalized Medicine.

Ageing Well
As we have seen in past publications, Europe is getting older. And we want to live as healthy as possible all the time we have left. Efforts directly linked to build smart-living environments, to foster active and healthy living and to help the digital health and care systems will be in the spotlight the next 3 years.

Personalized Medicine
Closely linked to the previous point is the discovery of new ways of getting ahead of the illnesses or of treating them in the most efficient way. Nevertheless, what is effective for some people may not be for others. That is the great challenge that Europe shapes: to be able to find customized solutions in a sustainable way over time. Themes related to advanced therapies, patient-centered approach, new testing and screening methods or regenerative medicine are an explicit target for the 2018-2020 period.

The European financial instrument H2020 faces its last period, with a budget of 30€ bn that almost duplicates previous work programs, which maximizes the chances of participating in successful projects. We need all the stakeholders involved in a life challenge: how we want to face our health future. If you are ready to face this challenge and want more information about hot topics in quality of life, do not hesitate and contact us! We will build together an idea that will help improve our future!


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